I’m a published composer, audio producer, and classically trained pianist with 20 years’ industry experience. My wide-ranging portfolio spans over 60 projects, including over 30 award-winning films, video games, radio documentaries, dance productions, and theatre shows.

In 2004, aged 17, I recorded my first album of solo piano compositions, and received an invite to perform it at the prestigious Ravello Festival, Italy. A year later I landed my first commission, working with adventure game legend Steve Ince (Broken Sword) on his video game Mr Smoozles Goes Nutso. Since then I have composed for a variety of media at regular intervals.

After a receiving a BA in Music Composition, I moved to Berlin where I began producing electronic music. My electronic work – which blends my instrumental background with trippy, organic techno soundscapes – has since been played by the likes of John Digweed, Pig & Dan, and Josh Butler, and received good reviews from DMC World and Faze Mag.

In 2013, I composed the soundtrack for American Film Institute (AFI) masters students, for their thesis film, Woman in Fragments. This filmed was showcased in festivals internationally, including Cannes.

The music and narrative themes running throughout this film formed the basis for a new album, Change, written for piano, string quartet, guitars and electronics. This album was released in 2017 has since been playlisted by HDSounDI, where it has received over a million streams. A book of sheet featuring solo piano arrangements of Change was published in 2021 by published by contemporary music specialists Editions Musica Ferrum.

In 2018, having been largely self-taught as a pianist, I got my act together and tackled the DipABRSM performance diploma in piano, specialising in classical and romantic composers. I received this qualification in 2019.

In 2020, I began getting more involved working on the technical side of audio, taking on editing and production work for films, interviews, podcasts and political broadcasts, including mixing a feature film in 5.1.

Services Offered:
– bespoke compositions, arrangements, and remixes
– audio editing and mixing for music and film (including surround sound)
– music transcription and engraving for sheet music publication
– audio restoration
– session pianist, recorded or live work
– tuition (piano, brass, theory, composition, audio production, Ableton, Finale)

I’d love to hear about your project. If you’d like to discuss how I can help, please drop me a line.